What does a typical day in the life of an Account Director look like? 

It could be media training for a tech client, presenting new strategies to the C-Suite of an industry association or prepping a major industrial client for a TV interview plus checking in with my talented colleagues at all levels!  Never one day is the same! 

What three skills do you think are essential to fulfil your role? 

  • Being a matchmaker – making sure you’ve got the right people to tackle a task – not just pigeon-holing them but really thinking about who has the right capabilities or will have great chemistry with a client.  
  • Being a team player – whether you’re playing sports or running a team – it’s important to act like a team captain – motivating people and keeping them feeling like they’re winning however challenging things get.
  • Client relationship skills – a bit like love relationships – it’s important to surprise and delight but also be critical when you need to be!  

What do you like best about working at Edelman? 

I’m an Edelman Boomerang who actually worked for the company early in my career, so I’ve always loved the culture.

While I’ve been gone, the Amsterdam office has undergone a transformation, so the main reason I came back was that I saw Edelman as a frontrunner in integrated marketing communications in the Dutch market.  Now I am really enjoying deploying my ex-journalist skills while leveraging the different disciplines to help bring the best possible solutions to my clients – large and small.  

What are some of the challenges you face in your day-to-day role? 

Always giving team members the amount of attention they are entitled to particularly during Covid feels like a really important challenge to overcome– particularly as a manager and when it comes to sessions about people’s career development.
At this stage in the game, I feel like I’m quite addicted to the adrenalin which comes with client service, media relations and developing creative concepts.

Describe your working week using 3 emojis 


What’s been your most memorable moment at Edelman so far? 

Putting CEOs through their paces for media training is always memorable!

What’s your favourite part of a working day? 

It’s that moment that everything falls into place and you’ve fixed an urgent issue!

How do you stay motivated? 

I’m surrounded by very motivated people and I’ve got very broad interests outside work including listening to podcasts to dive deep into a broad range of topics.

Working out, eating out, enjoying city life and being a dad – including spending time taking my kids horse riding and hockey in the Amsterdam forest at the weekend, also keeps me grounded.

What’s your top tip for working from home?

Try and stay as connected as possible – using tech tools at your disposable to stay reachable and flexible for the team!


Did anything surprise you when you joined Edelman? 

Our efficient use of tech and also the hugely impressive pool of new talent –whether it’s senior people who you can spar with when you’re checking out a strategic approach or ambitious new starters who are on the first step of the ladder.


Finally, how do you see your career path developing in the future?

I’m a bit of a generalist and a connector working with corporates and tech so I’m excited about the best in class capabilities at my disposal to help build strong campaigns.

I also continue to get a huge buzz out of developing concrete solutions and tactics for clients across disciplines – with flawless execution!