In the second episode of “What the Trust?!” host Lauren Valbert sits down with Anita van de Velde (Managing Director DeVelde International) to talk about what Trust means in a world in crisis. 

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What The Trust?! | Episode #2

The current situation in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak is shifting trust in institutions in real time – with government responses under constant scrutiny, NGOs overburdened and struggling to communicate, media outlets being depended upon (and also questioned), and companies are being judged and intensely scrutinized on what they’re doing – or not doing at this time.   

The Edelman Trust barometer has shown, year after year, the connection between how much people trust a brand and how likely they are, therefore, to buy their products and recommend to a friend. In the current situation, people are not hesitating to show their support or name and shame companies that are not doing enough to abate the crisis.