Our client, a global manufacturer of food ingredients, asked Edelman to support them in further developing their digital channel in order to increase B2B leads. Although improving the digital channel would lead to an increase in leads, we also expected it to be limited in scope, without a smart way of breaking through the comms clutter that buyers face. We felt that more was needed to create a truly sustainable lead funnel. Data was the answer!


Besides optimizing the website and realising an always-on campaign on Google, we started building propriety research on consumer behaviour for our client’s business customers. The research was translated into valuable insights that could be used for trade media outreach, internal and external marketing, and as sales materials. We focussed on integrating all activities and leveraging our client’s website as the primary information hub. Finally, we used LinkedIn to target our client’s audiences and position our client as an innovative, data-driven organisation.


We reached most of our client’s core clients and increased qualitative leads significantly while raising brand and product awareness.