Heineken launched H41, a Limited Edition lager brewed using a rare ‘mother’ yeast discovered in Patagonia. Developed by the brand’s Master Brewers, the new lager has a fuller taste, with spicy notes balanced by subtle fruity hints. Heineken tasked Edelman with helping to introduce ‘Heineken H41’ in the Netherlands.


Five years ago the unexpected happened in the cold forests of Patagonia at 41 degrees southern latitude. This rare, wild yeast was discovered and had never been used to brew beer before. Heineken’s brewers could not pass up this opportunity. With experience and passion Heineken brewed limited edition H41, the first in new ‘Lager Explorations’ series. As they came to launch their new product, we not only wanted to raise awareness about the product but also highlight Heineken as a leading innovator and strengthen quality perception of the brand.

Edelman worked with Heineken to craft their key messages. An exclusive launch event was organized for a selection of news media, beer influencers and other relevant stakeholders. During this event, Alain Schepers (beer influencer, beer sommelier and author) hosted a Heineken H41 tasting, together with Heineken’s Master Brewer: Willem van Waesberghe!


The project was a great success with engaged media and great coverage. The print coverage resulted in more than 9+ million media impressions, the online and social coverage established over a stunning 45 million media impression. We generated a total of 250+ clippings in broadcast, print, online and social media.