Heineken tasked Edelman with helping to introduce “Heineken Extra Vers” in the Netherlands. At the heart of Heineken’s success lie pure, natural ingredients: malted barley, water, hops and a small but significant extra called A-Yeast. ‘Heineken Extra Vers’ is beer according to the original recipe, yet extra protected against time, temperature and light. We wanted to bring Heineken’s history of passion for brewing to life.


The most important aspect of the campaign was generate awareness, inform and ‘educate’ media and stakeholders on the product and its process. Not everyone knows how beer is brewed and what the influence is of time, temperature and light on the quality of beer.

With this in mind, Edelman brought to life an inspiring Heineken Masterclass. A select group of influencers and journalists were invited to the Heineken Brewery in Zoeterwoude for an exclusive brewing experience. The tour guide was none other than Heinekens’ Master Brewer, Willem van Waesberghe! Willem showed how ‘Heineken Extra Vers’ is actually brewed, packed, wrapped and distributed to retailers. Next to this guided tour, media experienced an interactive Heineken Extra Vers tasting, where they were one of the first in the Netherlands who had the chance to taste Heineken Extra Vers.

We ran a campaign across earned media and social media channels to create real-time content during the exclusive tour.


Edelman developed all Q&A and messaging to help Heineken with the launch of this campaign. The campaign generated delight among those lucky enough to attend the exclusive tasting tour in the Heineken Brewery, captured and shared in real-time across earned, owned and paid media channels. The campaign was a great success with engaged media, resulting in top-tier national media coverage, a reach of over 6 million media impressions.

Coverage included de Telegraaf, het Algemeen Dagblad, het Parool,, RTL Nieuws, RTL Z and Het Financieele Dagblad.

The campaign’s online and social media reach hit a stunning 60+ million, including over 600,000 media impressions.