You are part of a multi-market team of storytellers, creatives, marketeers, planners, strategists and analysts – tell us about your role in that team in a few words? 

Energetic, Tech-savvy, hands-on,  player/manager!

What’s the biggest challenge you think clients face in today’s social first world?

Standing out! And above all, keeping customers loyal to your brand in a social first world (letting you in on the secret; it’s data).

What’s the first thing you do in your role to help them build trust and tackle this challenge? 

To build trust the client need to be transparent and open with their customers. The challenge when it comes to loyalty and standing out can be tackled by creating a clear, meaningful and commonly understood vision. The Edelman content workshops we’re producing for clients across the EMEA region really help break down silos across departments and focus minds on joined up storytelling too.

Give us an example of work you believe speaks to our mission to help brands thrive at Edelman?

 Stronger Than Violence | Edelman campaign to provide information and support against domestic violence and ensure the initiative could reach sufferers and promote the vital “Stärker als Gewalt" website is one I find particularly powerful during these difficult times.

You’re working with colleagues across the region, what’s your top tip for creating magic when you’re working across borders?

Be curious, positive, open and move fast!