Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit, energy, passion and inquiring mind?

Are you curious about the world, fascinated by detail and always go that extra mile?

Are you excited by the chance to work on challenges for leading global brands together with the sharpest minds in the industry?

Do you want to push the marketing and communications industry forward?

We are looking for people who can relate to our company values because we want to create a work environment where people can be at their natural best.


We are a diverse team of unique individuals with different backgrounds and this is one of the main reasons we can unite as a high-performance team. We also know that having a diverse workforce which includes persons with disabilities is important if we want to deliver on our mission. Our inclusive interviews enable every candidate to showcase their best selves and their skills. We'd love to hear your suggestion for it. 

Edelman is growing and therefore we’re looking for new authentic people to join our team. 

Recruitment process

Our recruitment process is based on ‘objective hiring’:

- You will make assessments to obtain an objective insight about your personality and skills

- We focus on experience rather than job titles

- We will ask the same interviewing questions to all the candidates who have applied for the same job

Recruitment proces

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