The Edelman Young Professional Program

Through our Young Professional Program (YPP) you will become the marketing and communications professional you wish and are supposed to be, all within two years. You will be challenged - both professionally and personally - and you will get to know who you are as a consultant. And most importantly: want you can achieve at Edelman. 

apply via the link below

In your journey to become a marketing and communications professional at the world’s biggest agency, you will be guided by our HR department and our dedicated Young Professional Managers. In these two years, you will participate in a series of workshops from our inhouse specialists, team building activities and experience professional development days by talent management agency Frisse Blikken. This will all lead to you becoming Senior Account Executive at the end of your traineeship. By then, you will be an expert in managing your time efficiently, writing the most compelling business proposals, be a true storyteller and know the ins and outs of building PR relationships.

This might sound like a huge transition from student life to work life, but don’t worry: the Young Professional program is 90% fun! Every month we organize an activity based around getting to know your YPP peers a little better. Each group consists of about 10 graduates, so you will get to know everyone very quickly!


When will the program start?

In October 2022, a small group of carefully selected candidates will kick off the new YP year. Do you want to give your career in marketing and communications a dream start? Then apply via the link below. 

Do you have any questions regarding the program? Send an email to Daphne Horck.