The Edelman Young Professional Program

Welcome to the Young Professional Program (YPP), where you will become the marketing and communications professional you aspire to and have the potential to be, all within two years. You will be challenged both professionally and personally, learn about your intrinsic competences as a consultant and unlock your growth. Most importantly, you will get the opportunity to contribute to and excel at the world’s leading independent communications agency. 

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In your journey to become a marketing and communications professional, you will be guided by our HR department and our dedicated Young Professional Managers. Over two years, you will participate in a series of workshops from our in-house specialists, team-building activities and experience professional development days from talent management agency Frisse Blikken. The trainings cover a broad spectrum of communication and branding skills such as writing courses, presentation skills, spokesperson training as well as sessions on time-management and personal branding. 

Next to professional growth, there's also a focus on social elements such as monthly team activities to get to know your YPP peers better.  

Ready to take the next step in your career? Our learning and development approach is built on the 70/20/10 principle. 70% will be experiential learning, which means that you will learn by having new and challenging on-the-job experiences. 20% is social learning. By working together closely with many experienced colleagues, you will be exposed to new ways of working. The last 10% is education. This is the part where you get trainings about specific topics that relate to the work we do at Edelman. 

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When will the program start?

In October 2023, a small group of carefully selected candidates will kick off the new YP year. Do you want to give your career in marketing and communications a dream start? Then apply via the link below.