The unstoppable force in our creative team, Floortje Nijdam, designer, attended the Dutch Creativity Festival last week. During the event, she discovered many award-winning projects. Find out more about her experience visiting this event.

A day at the Dutch Creativity Festival

I recently attended the Dutch Creativity Festival – a gathering linking creative thinkers, makers, studios, agencies, brands, and platforms. You name it, and they were all there! I was able to choose between workshops, keynotes, and an exhibition of amazing award-winning work, of which I managed all three, to keep the day more interesting.

Starting with a keynote from The New Stijl who presented a rather large book, filled with over 500 pieces of artwork. Besides the amazing work inside, the interesting thing about the book is that it was printed on a specific weight of paper which wasn’t initially possible, but the makers wanted it badly enough that it was decided to find a printer who would invent and produce the desired paper for them! Quite a nice piece to place on your coffee table! 

The exhibition area was filled with award-winning projects, such as SKEER from Zeeman, who created an affordable clothing line which looks as if it’s made by an expensive designer. And ‘The Blue Monday’, from illustrator Joost Stokhof and designer Bas Koopmans, who produced a newspaper filled with positive articles, poems, and art to brighten up a typical ‘blue Monday’.  

Lastly, I attended a workshop from Miro – an online collaborative whiteboard platform that enables teams to work effectively together, from brainstorming with digital sticky notes to planning and managing agile workflows. I was put in a group with four other creatives with the task to come up with a common design problem – and of course to solve it. To find that solution we were given a small exercise which really reminded me of my schooldays. 

Coming into the event not knowing what to expect, I left the festival with an inspired mind, excited to tell my colleagues about this day, and to work new creativity into my upcoming projects!