Launching Advario: Enabling the new energy transition


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How do you accelerate the energy transition when it affects an entire operation?  In May 2022, Advario was introduced to the world as the preferred partner for progress to enable the energy transition. Created as a carve-out of Oiltanking and rooted in 50 years of history, Advario transformed from the inside out to develop a compelling new brand narrative, and ambitious ESG agenda and a business strategy to drive sustainability, all while engaging 1,200 employees worldwide to rally behind this change.


Oiltanking has been active in tank storage logistics since 1972 and is one of the largest independent operators of tank terminals for oils, gases and chemicals worldwide. The company was effectively operating a healthy asset portfolio, but it was ageing and there was a need to adapt to a rapidly evolving industry context. The industry evolution is still ongoing and driven primarily by accelerated energy transition towards green (low carbon) investments and strong growth opportunities in petrochemicals and chemicals. As a response to these changes and to demonstrate a commitment to the future, Oiltanking sought to form a new carve-out company (Advario).


Our objective was two-fold. Externally, we wanted to earn relevance through compelling messaging and proof points that promote Advario as the leading storage partner for the ongoing energy transformation. Internally, we needed to bring about a cultural transformation through informing, exciting and sparking a sense of belonging and pride among employees – both of Oiltanking as well as Advario.


Edelman helped develop an extensive launch program, for both external as well as internal stakeholders. The aim was to activate Advario employees to generate excitement and awareness for the new brand launch, while also providing them with a clear direction for the future of the company and their role within it. For this, Edelman developed an integrated internal communications plan that involved the management team, terminal leaders, as well as front line terminal workers from around the global organization. For the external launch, Edelman recorded and filmed the management team leaders revealing the new brand and company vision. Edelman also designed and created a new website for Advario and drafted all communication materials. Going beyond the launch, the Edelman team is currently supporting Advario with structuring their ongoing communications strategy.


  • Successful global virtual launch of Advario followed by market roadshows
  • Engagement with 1,200 employees to bring them along the transformation journey
  • Development of brand-new company narrative and brand identity highlighted through deliverables such as a new brand movie, company website, social media platforms, media interviews, and much more.
  • 40+ pieces of coverage on launch of Advario
  • On LinkedIn, new followers were gained on the new Advario page throughout the month post the launch.


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