Nowadays there’s a new kind of brand. A brand that’s built not only by the company that operates it, but also by the consumers who interact with it. It’s a brand with a clear purpose, one that knows how to tell a great story that people remember. It’s a brand that inspires and excites people to share that story, by inviting them into experiences – online and offline – that matter to their everyday lives. Our consumer specialists know how to create and deliver insightful campaigns and tell stories with a big social impact. We build teams with experts in digital solutions, campaign productions, community management, influencer marketing or specific sectors such as technology or nutrition, to develop, implement and manage the best campaigns. 



Karlijn Marchildon is Managing Director Brand for Edelman Amsterdam, where she leads the cross-disciplinary Brand Division team geared towards driving conversation for ambitious brands. Her sector expertise spans tech, lifestyle, FMCG, retail, and e-mobility.

Prior to joining Edelman, she was Head of Brand at VanMoof – the fast growing designer e-bike brand – with half a million riders across 20 markets worldwide. Karlijn led the charge on the brand’s international breakthrough, expanding the brand into new markets across Europe, USA and Japan, helping grow VanMoof from 20M to 200M revenue.

Karlijn is an award winning brand builder with a track record of building brands and activating integrated communications strategies that drive business results, making her a true sparring partner for brand executives. Karlijn consistently ranks among the Netherlands Marketing 100 most influential.

In Brazil, Germany and the Netherlands, Marcos Alves and Marco Serra, the Creative Direction team known as The Markos, have worked for multiple local and global clients. They created on and offline campaigns and helped to build brands from different sectors such as McDonald’s, Heineken, Ford, Renault, Walmart, Samsung, Bayer, BNP Paribas, Dr. Oetker, Itaú Banking, EE, VIVO Smartphones, and many others.

Bruno Tozzini is an award-winning creative leader with a dynamic career spanning agencies such as TBWA, Leo Burnett, R/GA, and DDB.​

With over 30 awards and 15 years of experience crafting seamlessly integrated campaigns, effective social content and experiences for global brands like Samsung, Pepsi, and Philips, Bruno is a seasoned creative who brings a touch of magic to every team he collaborates with.​

​His passion for storytelling and knack for web culture and technology sets him apart for pushing the boundaries of social and activation campaigns, injecting authenticity and craft design into each project and piece of content.​

​In his Creative Director – Social & Activation role, he works with a world-class team of art directors, content creators, and motion designers responsible for building active brands through social.

Martijn joined Edelman with the ambition to develop integrated, creative communication and marketing teams that deliver result and data-driven plans built on data and insights. He builds creative solutions for national and international business to business clients, including Tata Steel Limited and Shell. Throughout his career as a creative marketing professional, Martijn has held senior positions at marketing agencies like Leo Burnett and ran his own creative agency in the centre of Amsterdam. With a background as a designer, he shares a passion for making beautiful yet understandable solutions for clients.

As the Head of Tech at Edelman Amsterdam, Bram takes the reins of a diverse client portfolio in the tech industry. Operating at the crossroads of B2C and B2B, he provides strategic counsel for integrated communications and marketing programs. Since joining Edelman in 2015, he has been a stalwart figure, bringing his wealth of experience to the tech landscape in Amsterdam and beyond.

In his capacity as Head of Tech, he plays a dual role - leading and advising clients such as Microsoft,, HP, Samsung, Paypal, and Tinder. Beyond client interactions, he ensures that the Amsterdam office stays ahead of the curve by embracing cutting-edge solutions and strategies driven by industry innovations.

For Bram, tech is not just a sector; it's a domain where he can use his passion and ability to safeguard and advance brands. His work for brands extends across the Netherlands and the EMEA region, leaving a mark in both corporate and brand landscapes.

In the realm of tech leadership, Bram's approach is pragmatic as and results-driven. He keeps the focus on tangible outcomes, ensuring that the team is not only well-versed in the latest tech trends but also equipped with practical knowledge to navigate the ever-evolving tech landscape.

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