At Edelman we have a proven record as communication experts of protecting the most important, yet fragile, organizational asset: its reputation. We represent multidisciplinary backgrounds that include skilled litigators, investigative journalists, business intelligence specialists, veterans of government service and communicators from a variety of business sectors. Our communication specialists, counsel global companies, mid-sized organizations, non-profits, government entities and high-profile individuals to tackle a range of preparedness, reputational and communications challenges.  

We help companies prepare for communication crisis situations systematically. We create crisis manuals for our clients and use training and realistic simulations to help them prepare for possible situations. Our strength lies in the ability to accommodate a breadth of issues in a variety of sectors while executing flawless for our clients. 


  • Reputation Management 
  • Issue and Crisis Management  
  • Crisis Simulations 
  • Social Media Consulting and Community Management 
  • Issue and Crisis Recovery Management  
  • Digital Crisis Preparedness and Execution  
  • Internal Crisis Communications 
  • Change and Restructuring Communication 
  • Bankruptcy and Litigation Communication 
  • Issue and Crisis Media Training 



Ilse is an all-round strategic communications professional, who helps businesses secure their license to operate by effectively building and maintaining trusted relations with key stakeholders. Throughout her international career, Ilse worked and lived in Brussels, the USA and the Netherlands. During her 20+ years’ experience, she spent over 15 years in senior corporate affairs roles, covering the full spectrum of corporate communications from public affairs, corporate and (crisis) media relations, CSR and community engagement, to employee engagement and executive positioning.   

Ilse is driven by impact. Her solid business acumen and track record of activating integrated communications strategies to drive business results, both from an internal and agency perspective, enables her to be a true sparring partner for company executives, as well as helping corporate communicators engage with all stakeholders in a relevant and meaningful way.    

Her sector expertise in communications spans (renewable) energy, petrochemical (upstream & downstream), mobility & transportation, heavy industries and industrial services, semiconductor industry, hydrogen and fuel cell technology and sustainability.  

In his role as Director, Robin works for a range of clients in the areas of corporate communication, issues and crisis management, media spokesmanship and brand reputation. Robin’s main goal is to strengthen and protect the reputation of both the company and its brands.   

Robin has more than 20 years of experience in various market areas such as retail, banking, industry, telecom and FMCG. He recently worked for FMO, Shell, McDonald’s, Nespresso, Ahold Delhaize, Tata Steel and ING, among others. As a client communications lead for McDonald’s, he frequently assisted the board of this company with crises and issues and supported the spokespersons with contacts with the media.  

In Robin’s opinion, strengthening and protecting reputations can only really be achieved if the business strategy and the implementation of communication programs are seamlessly connected. Managing and supervising teams in this is an important part of Robin’s daily activities.