Global Chair, Financial Services: Deidre Campbell

In a time where the industry is facing societal and economic uncertainty, regulatory upheaval and unprecedented innovation, Edelman partners with financial services companies around the world to help them navigate an increasingly crowded, cross-border marketplace to evolve their brand positioning and communications in a way that fosters reputation and credibility.

We counsel companies on engaging with employees, customers, communities and shareholders by leveraging the vast resources now available for micro-targeting and message penetration. We commit to understanding the challenges of our financial services clients and then following through with actionable insights, while annually studying the state of trust within the financial services industry. With deep insights and creative thinking, we guide clients as they chart the path toward reaching their goals among their own constituencies, as aligned to their business objectives.

We recognize that companies today, more than ever, function in an interconnected business environment rife with economic and regulatory considerations as well as the adoption of new financial technology more speedily than ever imagined.

No financial services organization operates in isolation. This is why we take a 360-degree view of a client’s situation and the various stakeholders it must consider to effectively participate in the right conversations.

Our team is comprised of more than 350 executives located in 33 offices across the world. They are former corporate executives from multinational firms; journalists from leading on- and off-line media; and bankers and lawyers with deep technical understanding of the sector. Importantly, we bring top digital media talent who understand regulated environments and successfully help our clients solve complex business and brand challenges brought on by an increasingly digital world.

Edelman supports clients such as BNY Mellon, Charles Schwab, PayPal and Swiss Re to successfully operate in this changed communications landscape. Ultimately, we help them build and protect reputations to engender trust and the license to lead.