Goed Gevist


Brand Marketing | Health

We raised the top-of-mind awareness of Princes, by using short formats, a simple message and an iconic visual. Priming consumers with the message that when canned fish is your favourite, Princes is always the right choice.


After a full-scale rebranding that changed the design of their recognisable canned fish products, people seemed to need help finding Princes in the supermarkets. Princes wanted to reclaim their favoured spot in the Dutch canned fish market and needed to get people reacquainted with their cans.


Market and target audience research identified the need for a simple message that connected the design of the can to a widely supported brand claim. And we wanted something that was especially relevant to the current times. This kicked-off the ‘Goed Gevist’ campaign, alluding to the fact that the fish was caught in a sustainable way and the consumer would always get a great deal.


A carefully crafted 3D underwater world amplified the playful character of the brand and the brand’s commitment to quality. Using short formats, a simple message and an iconic visual, we crafted a memorable brand campaign. Connecting the specific brand colour of Princes’ blue cans to the overall brand message.
The resulting ‘Goed Gevist’ campaign raised the top-of-mind awareness of Princes and brought the brand back to the top of the food chain.