I have so much appreciation for the Apple TV show, Ted Lasso.

Its comedy is pitch perfect. I love to laugh, and this show delivers. Even when it gets weird, like it did in S2E9 “Beard After Hours”, it’s still an absolute gem of perfection. Mixing feelings and existential moments we’ve all experienced to some degree. From the joy of life’s moments to the melancholy of the mundane — and everything that happens in between.

It also delivers a slice of inspiration, with key Lasso quotes that make you believe in community, forgiveness of others, the challenges of life, like “Taking on a challenge is a lot like riding a horse, isn’t it? If you’re comfortable while you’re doing it, you’re probably doing it wrong.” Ultimately, the show is about human decency and doing the right thing, even when another path may be easier or more well-travelled.

What I’ve loved most about this season is that the show has tackled the uncomfortable for TV topic of mental health. The show brought real heart and depth to the topic.  Addressing how childhood trauma lingers, how work pressure can mount and manifest itself, and that talking to a professional and to trusted people can make a meaningful difference.

This past Friday, Edelman observed Mental Health Awareness Day, and globally closed all its offices. Knowing that Edelman values mental health and is putting a stake in the ground in its support has meaning, as it’s not standard practice, and mental health is still a taboo topic for many companies to openly discuss.

It’s important to look after our mental health and taking time for ourselves. Whatever it is, taking a long weekend, doing things we enjoy and being with the people that make us happy.

At Edelman we’re fortunate to have purpose driven and compelling work, and by prioritizing our mental health we can bring our best selves to the (home) office and our clients every day.