Martine Veldhoen



When did you first get into your hobby and what do you love about it?
I made some poor attempts in my early twenties, but didn’t seriously pick it up until I was in my mid thirties.

What’s the best / craziest experience you’ve had when enjoying your hobby?
Surfing with a group of seals on Vlieland was a lot of fun, getting caught in a riptide in Morocco or needing 30 stitches in my face when headbutting my board in Costa Rica a little less so.

What does it bring to your work / life balance?
It keeps me sane. When you are in the water it’s just you and the ocean. You have no phone to distract you and for me it really works like a reset button. As surfing is one of the hardest sports to learn, catching even the tiniest wave can make you feel good the rest of the day. I’m no morning person by any means, but I’ll get up at 5AM if the surf is good.

What do the skills you’ve learned in your hobby bring to your role / work?
Patience. You are so dependent on weather conditions. Weeks can pass by without any decent surf. And when you get out into the water, you can’t just try and catch any wave, you have to wait for the right one. It’s also taught me perseverance, as it takes you such a long time to even get a grasp of the basics of surfing. Some things just take A LOT of time and practice.