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The recent Microsoft rebranding highlights the company’s position as an inclusive, delightful, and relevant brand that helps people turn their ideas into actions while also inspiring others to thrive. We blended the lines between digital innovation and craft, with a unique collaboration between two artists, from different countries, proving it's possible to break down barriers with Surface Pro 9. 


Microsoft aims to launch the Surface Pro 9 simultaneously in the Netherlands and Italy, empowering individuals worldwide to achieve more. As Microsoft's latest addition, the Surface Pro 9 caters to creators seeking to connect, inspire, and shape their world. However, it has yet to establish itself as the preferred device for creators in both countries. Craftsmanship is recognized by the UN as the most important manifestation of intangible cultural heritage. With tech on the rise, it’s under threat. Italians and the Dutch both value craftmanship in a completely different way. We wanted to create something that connected these two countries. 


The Surface Your Ideas Campaign was strategically crafted to unite talented individuals and harness the power of their creativity, originality, and vibrant artistry with Microsoft Surface. To create a compelling narrative, we identified a shared cultural element that would resonate with both target markets: the love of food, particularly chocolate, and the endangerment of traditional craftsmanship due to technology's ascent. We facilitated an unconventional collaboration between chocolate and the arts by inviting two creative individuals from these fields to create something entirely new. 

Through authentic and relatable storytelling, our aim was twofold. Firstly, we highlighted Surface's role in enabling individuals to overcome distances and differences during the creative process. Secondly, we aimed to raise awareness and foster consideration for Surface in a memorable way. By showcasing Surface as a tool that empowers individuals to transcend challenges and unleash their creativity, we aimed to leave a lasting impact on audiences, emphasizing its transformative capabilities. 


Elena, the esteemed Designer of the Year 2022 according to Frame Magazine, and Connor, the second-generation owner of 'The Bonte Koe Chocolade,' joined forces for a truly extraordinary project. Their collaboration, facilitated by Surface technology, fostered an exceptional display of creativity and exploration. 

Elena kick-started the project by creating a 3D sketch of their creation, Sveva, based on her insightful conversations with Connor. Initially conceived as a small 20cm model, Connor's bold vision compelled them to seek an alternative solution. Elena ingeniously utilized 3D printing to assist Connor in practicing the intricate structure, shape, and even challenged him to experiment with different colors, despite the inherent challenges of working with delicate chocolate at larger scales. 


The outcome was a tasty social film that championed two extremely talented individuals and showcased their unique stories and POV, while they worked together on a project where they were able to showcase their creativity and skillsets. We created two longform montages one focusing on the story of Elena Salmistraro, her passion for drawing and sculpting and her excitement about working with a new medium: chocolate. The second montage focused on Connor’s story, his incredible knowledge and passion for chocolate and his incredible skillset in creating facilitating chocolate as a medium for the art piece. Together Connor and Elena created Sveva, an art piece made entirely from chocolate which represents working without boundaries, endless possibilities and freedom.  

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