Princes Tuna (volume leader in the canned tuna space) hadn’t changed their branding for 10 years. Amidst growing concern around the sustainability of canned tuna, it was important for Princes to give their branding a modern feel, which would communicate the company’s forward-focused vision, reflecting the health and sustainability credentials that Princes stands for today.

The challenge

Princes has extremely strong brand recognition, so any change to that branding would pose a risk.

Princes engaged Edelman Amsterdam to support the launch of their new branding. They needed customers to recognize the rebranded product as soon as it hit the supermarket shelves, and have a positive reaction to canned fish. This meant we needed to launch their new packaging alongside a marketing 'education' campaign that would challenge prevailing historic perceptions around the health and sustainability of canned tuna.


A six-month-campaign kicked off with a commercial and was supported with social, print, trade media outreach and in-store activations enabled us to reach Dutch customers of all ages, with content they could relate to.

Key messaging was placed across the entire ‘Broaden Your Gaze’ campaign, which worked as a playful trigger for varying elements across all channels.

Campaign elements:

  • TVC hero film, played across multiple channels in The Netherlands over a six-month period
  • In-store communications activity, ensuring customers understood the new packaging was from Princes
  • Print ads featuring our hashtag and social icons in trade publications, highlighting the new branding
  • Launch of the campaign and branding across Princes owned social channels
  • Social owned ads and earned media across social
  • Trade media outreach


Following the campaign, Princes saw a 9-point increase in purchase intent amongst target audiences.

Understanding of key messages were found to be well above media agency benchmark, with 41 percent of audiences revealed they now had a different view on canned fish.

Three-quarters of people agreed that Princes "inspires me to try out new recipes with canned fish.".

66 percent aided awareness of the ad also catapulted the brand from last place to first place for spontaneous awareness.