Endangered Colours


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Together with HP and Plastic Soup Foundation, we revealed the endangered colour of the year 2021 (Blue), raising awareness of the societal sustainability issue: plastic waste. The campaign is a social consumer-faced campaign in which we highlight the colour we’ll be saying goodbye to if we don’t act better and sooner.


HP is an authority to colour printing and because nature is losing colour rapidly, they felt like stepping in. Using influencer marketing, engaging storytelling, and a carefully thought-out partnership with well-known and local NGO 'Plastic Soup Foundation', we encouraged Dutch consumers to go on a plastic diet. The “My Little Plastic Footprint” app introduced a special HP challenge that offered consumers to possibilities to create a plastic-free lunch in a gamified fashion, just like a weight diet app. We will continue in 2022 with a different sustainability purpose.


While HP has a strong voice by itself, we wanted to include external partners to create more engagement, reach, news value and leverage. So, we partnered up with Plastic Soup Foundation (PSF), a well-known and esteemed NGO in the Netherlands, that fights against ocean plastic and only collaborates with strict selected (and investigated) companies. By reaching our audience via social media, we were able to highlight the app in a playful way and more important: the download of the app was one swipe away. By selecting influencers that resonated with the audience’ interests, we established high engagement and secure interactions with the app.


The Endangered Colour-message was communicated via different ways of communication, such as a livestream, press releases to B2B and B2C media, influencer communication and social media posts by our partners. More specifically, HP and PSF hosted a livestream to reveal the extinct colour of the year, discus HP’s sustainability efforts and ambitions, call to action to go on a plastic diet with HP and guest speaker Sander Hoogendoorn (famous radio DJ and ambassador) and a media Q&A session. In addition, 4 of HP’s Brand ambassadors made ‘Plastic Confessions’, by showing online the amount of plastic they use and took on the plastic diet challenge, encouraging followers to join.