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We all take photos to capture our most precious memories. But, why would you choose for a Nikon?

The Challenge

Nikon Europe wanted to generate more awareness for the Nikon cameras and NIKKOR lenses and also generate a stronger emotional connection with their target audiences. Edelman Amsterdam was asked to develop a non-traditional, Pan-European influencer campaign. With such a diverse audience, how could we target the right consumers?

The Strategy

We analyzed 270,000 photos and saw that Nikon camera-owners mostly engaged by photos showing a purpose. The photos made with Nikon cameras are often about capturing reality instead of simply taking pretty pictures of beaches and people.

Based on this insight, we developed a campaign that is all about creating new points of view. With #Lensonlife we first teamed up a set of upcoming photographers with social media influencers from other markets.

The Execution

We challenged the photographers to combine their visions and skills to provide new perspectives on certain societal issues. Together they uncovered new perspectives on food waste and the wealth gap, and inspired others to look at life through different lenses.

The Outcome

We created several social media content formats which were not only shared by the influencers but also amplified through Nikon’s own channels. By doing so, we received over 7.7 million impressions on social media, as well as 43k clicks on local market blogs. Additionally, our influencers scored more than 130k impressions and over 60,876 engagements.

7.7 MIO



Clicks on Blogs


Sold Cameras