Technology develops at the speed of light and is changing age-old behaviors and practices, including how we make payments. New Money is quick, safe and easy. In collaboration with PayPal, Edelman wanted to generate awareness with Millennials and created a campaign that would veer out of traditional content placement and into interactive real-time engagement.


This summer, PayPal launched cashless paying with wristbands at the widely visited Amsterdam Open Air, Strafwerk & Pleinvrees music festivals. For too long, we have suffered pre-paid coins, long lines to buy them, losing them while dancing and having too many left at the end of the party. We knew people would love a 21-st century alternative and that’s why we created a media strategy that explained the benefits of this New Money way of paying using different types of storytelling, collaborations and outreach-strategies to leverage the introduction on a wide variety of channels and outlets.


Because the campaign provided so much value to festival visitors, we were able to create a strong suite of appealing content around it, and drove strong on- and offline advocacy with key influencers. This resulted in substantial reach and led to strong press coverage amongst a broad range of national-, consumer- and tech media.