Brand Marketing

Microsoft was about to launch its latest edition Surface devices in New York City. Brand awareness for Microsoft’s Surface devices and their premium technology aspects was low. So, they challenged us to create an integrated product launch campaign aimed at Dutch business and consumer audiences, which would highlight the Surface’s superior technology and product benefits.

Specifically, Microsoft wanted us to:

  • Develop a strategic platform which could be translated into an awareness campaign and a retail activation
  • Create awareness for the new Surface devices with earned media coverage in relevant media outlets
  • Create a creative campaign and content that could live on both retail and online channels 


From the outside, successful innovations or accomplishments can look impressive, but true inspiration really comes when we are given access to the journey…what were the tiny but fundamental steps that led up to the achievement? What unknown decisions and events made it possible? What was happening ‘under the surface’?

Creative Solution

To get fans and the public excited about the brilliance of the Microsoft Surface range, we came up with an integrated campaign concept to take them ‘Under the Surface’ of the product range. The campaign would give people access to the magic behind the Surface’s creation and reveal the individual and unknown factors that changed everything, taking Microsoft Surface models from the ordinary of regular PCs to the extraordinary products we have today.


The versatility of the creative concept allowed us to create a fully integrated consumer campaign with a digital, PR and media strategy all centered around the single, unifying idea.

We decided on two different entry points to bring the campaign content to life:

  1. Focus on the details that made a difference
  2. Focus on the entrepreneurial nomads and their on-the-go lifestyle


The content themes could then be translated into multiple different activation formats relevant to our various target audiences, which included entrepreneurial nomads, style enthusiasts and passionate power users.

Using multiple platforms to highlight fascinating, previously unknown details of the Surface design which had key impacts on the current models enabled us to tap into our audiences’ mindsets at the  same time as showcasing the premium technology of the Surfaces designs.


To launch the devices, we held an official launch event at Microsoft's office in Amsterdam, which was attended by Dutch and Belgium tier-1 and tech journalists.  Dutch designer Daniël Dhondt, who worked on the new Surface design took our audiences ‘Under the Surface’ by revealing behind the scenes details of the design processes including scientific research conducted and showing dismantled devices . Interviews with him on the day also generated substantial tier one media coverage.

The audience was also taken 'Under the Surface' with an Informative and high entertainment 360-degree interactive Surface experience in Microsoft’s brand new Holosuit video room with a video experience highlighting device’s new specifications and product features, guided by a voice over and self-composed music sounds.

A social video featuring a Dutch “Surface Superfan” further amplified the message as a superfan was surprised at work and offered the chance to win a new Surface Pro X by answering some factual questions about the device. There’s was only one catch… she had to do a skydive whilst answering them! The quirky social video generated great results, nationally and internationally.


Meanwhile a collaboration with the large national retailer Mediamarkt saw us set out to find the biggest Microsoft fan in the Netherlands via Microsoft's channels and through Mediamarkt's website and  stores. The winners visited the Microsoft office in Amsterdam and experienced a whole "Microsoft day".

An instore QR-code also saw customers scan the QR-code with their phones in the stores and watch four amazing videos about the Surface, showcasing its new specifications and product features in compelling and exciting ways.

At the launch event, Microsoft strengthened existing relations with key journalists and forged relationships with new ones, creating brand ambassadors and fans.

Following the launch we secured articles in more than 20+ publications by important tech and tier 1 outlets.

The Surface Superfan social video has been viewed over 600,000 times on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.