Shell’s new SDA (Solvent Deasphalter) factory in Pernis enables them to manufacture cleaner fuels for the maritime, logistical and aviation transport industry. Being part of the Dutch energy transition drive, Shell asked Edelman to increase public awareness of this factory and create positive sentiments among their ‘neighbours’ in Pernis, the general public and stakeholders.  As we needed to translate a complex story into a simple yet powerful narrative, we decided to combine old and new ‘tech’ and create a memorable opening.


We invited local inhabitants, stakeholders and the media for an exclusive cruise to the Shell site, where the audience witnessed a 3D motion mapping video and audio production, presented on 5 large oil silos. The animation told the general story behind Dutch energy transition, and the role of cleaner fuels for ships and airplanes, in particular. Video content was also distributed through social media and feedback was monitored and responded to.


We hosted a broad presence of national, local and trade media as well as the representatives of local people from the surrounding communities. We stimulated significant media coverage, resulting in 88% positive tone of voice. Furthermore, the social campaign video received a total of 225k views and 3.5 million impressions on social media, which were mostly positive and neutral.