The World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) employs some of the world's leading experts in the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

In 2020, vital conferences had to be cancelled or put online and yet timescales for achieving the SDGs are more pressing than ever.

To maintain focus on the issues, earn coverage and ensure attendance at their vital – now online – events, the WBA had to act quickly and amplify their social presence, while establishing its star players as leaders and influencers in their own right. 

Objectives Included:

  • Turning the WBA's experts recognized online thought-leaders

Increasing online reach and Impact


Using global social listening and insight from Edelman DxI, we developed a tailored influencer programme for the WBA's sector experts.

Sustainability and digital experts then worked on a specific strategy per influencer, based on achieving additional reach according to personal preferences and needs (inc. channel, topics, etc.)

The team acted as social media coaches by providing detailed support on content creation, which included larger thought leadership pieces and blogs, as well as joint pieces with other organisations.

While being tailored per sector lead, the programme has been set-up in a way where experiences and learning, etc. can be shared throughout the entire organisation by the growing WBA team.


Comparing the performance of other leading influencers in key sectors on Twitter and LinkedIn - we reviewed the footprint of each of the WBA's experts. We then supported influencers in creating content that would perform best for each influencer on each channel. Whether it is short posts where the experts share their thoughts on relevant articles on Twitter or experts sharing their personal and professional experience on LinkedIn where self-published content is predominantly used - hashtags are used on both channels to expand reach and engagement.


A good online presence requires a balanced build-up, combining day-to-day content as well as hero (milestone) driven content. We've used what we call a 'hero-hub- hygiene' model to help prioritize and maximize activities. ​We use Hero content to post bigger pieces for the experts such as thought leadership pieces around their key milestones, while using Hub content to post ongoing content targeted to tap into the audience they were looking to connect with. Hygiene activities were focused at identifying new opportunities / networking opportunities relevant to each specific influencer.


Engagement & number of followers increased significantly for all who joined the programme. Meanwhile, from a qualitative perspective, participants indicated to have a clearer understanding and appreciation for steering WBA content through their own channels.

  • Total engagement across the board went up with 250-600% per Influencer.
  • Mentions over time with more than 20%

Follower Increase on LinkedIn of 150-400


The names of the experts are confidential.

We've created a tailored program, for every sector expert we developed a strategy for specific posts that fit their sector. We try to inform and inspire their followers.