What does “choose to challenge” mean to you?

I would like to say instead: “choose THE challenge”. We should not wait for challenges and opportunities to present themselves but actively look for those and dare to take them on.

Who is a woman you admire as a challenger, and how do you carry on her legacy?

I’ve followed the footsteps of the women in my family who all - without an exception -  have worked hard to educate themselves and always had an international and curious outlook towards the world; many of them have also lived and worked in various countries like me.

With the status quo being challenged more and more, in the past 10 years, what have been the biggest changes you’ve noticed for women?

Women have become more vocal and influential in their opinions. Where we still have more work to do is to recognize and reward new types of leadership skills. Jacinda Ardern is a great role model in this.

In addition, women need to become more confident in embracing success – both their own and others’ success.

What advice do you have for a woman starting her career?

Always look for cool projects with cool people – the rest will follow.

Can you tell us about a time when you challenged a colleague and/or client? How did you handle the situation? What was the outcome?

Everyday is an opportunity to enable young talent and make someone in the team shine. This is the most rewarding side of my current role.

How do you build your inner resilience?

Spending time at Finnish lakeside or forest.

What do you believe will be the biggest challenge for the next generation of women?

Finding the right balance in our lives – juggling many responsibilities - continues to be the challenge that is relevant for all generations of women.

Do you think it is important for women to challenge one another? How do you challenge other women around you?

When it comes to challenging each other and learning from each other, men are needed as much as women. It’s not only about challenging but also about supporting each other.

What is one of the best pieces of advice you’ve received in your career

Apply a growth mindset to everything you do. Don’t be afraid of pioneering and trying out new things. It’s not about failures, it’s all about learning