What does “choose to challenge” mean to you? 

For me ‘choose to challenge’ is about seeking out and celebrating women’s achievements in our office, industry and at large – both internally and externally.  

Who is a woman you admire as a challenger, and how do you carry on her legacy?

It has to be my mum who did a science degree in the 1960s, does a great rendition of ‘I Am Woman’ and always taught my sister and I to challenge things we don’t feel are fair or right.

With the status quo being challenged more and more, in the past 10 years, what have been the biggest changes you’ve noticed for women? 

The #metoo movement certainly made it ‘ok’ to talk about the tricky situations many of us encountered particularly in social situations early in our careers.

A huge change for the better though is how women in 2021 can feel motivated and empowered to strive for, and become, leaders. So whether it’s Beyonce headlining at Glasto a decade ago, the example of Jacinda Adern’s leadership during Covid-19, inspirational clients (past and present) or indeed our own office achieving gender parity at the most senior levels some time ago – the world can be your oyster.

What advice do you have for a woman starting her career? 

Work hard and be yourself!

Can you tell us about a time when you challenged a colleague and/or client? How did you handle the situation? What was the outcome? 

This month, we hosted a panel debate with 100% senior women.  Challenging ourselves to keep showcasing top female talent at the highest levels as we work on marketing comms campaigns for ourselves and our clients is exciting and rewarding.

How do you build your inner resilience? 

Yoga and fantastic friends and family!

What do you believe will be the biggest challenge for the next generation of women? 

Being great leaders for future generations of women.

Do you think it is important for women to challenge one another? How do you challenge other women around you? 

Absolutely.  I went to an all girls’ school where challenging one another and doing great work independently and together was instilled at an early age, so this is 100% part of my DNA at work.  

What is one of the best pieces of advice you’ve received in your career 

Every no leads to a yes (when it comes to sales!) / ‘there is nothing that cannot happen today’!