What does “choose to challenge” mean to you?  

I see every challenge as an opportunity!  

Who is a woman you admire as a challenger, and how do you carry on her legacy?  

My sister is an important challenger for me.  She’s three years older than I am but she cleared the path ahead as the first person in our family to go to university.  When she became very ill a few years ago, she stayed positive and strong and her faith in the right outcome, strength to fight and always be positive is something I really admire!  

With the status quo being challenged more and more, in the past 10 years, what have been the biggest changes you’ve noticed for women?  

I think women are always multitasking, so focusing on career success can be tough. It’s all about dividing tasks and responsibilities equally to get equal opportunities to excel. 

What advice do you have for a woman starting her career?  

Follow your own path! You don’t have to decide where you want to be five to ten years. Look around in different fields and learn from every moment. Don’t career plan but believe in your own strengths.  This makes you flexible and open to new opportunities. When you take any new step, even when it doesn’t feel 100% logical, remember you will develop fast and have a lot of fun during each adventure!  

Can you tell us about a time when you challenged a colleague and/or client? How did you handle the situation? What was the outcome?  

Challenging people is something I do in my current position a lot. We have so many talented people and my job is to put them in the right place at the right time. In addition to talking to them about how their skills can develop accounts – I often need to challenge them to look holistically at their personal growth and shift them out of their comfort zone!  

How do you build your inner resilience?  

I only need one ingredient: water! I love snorkeling, touring on my boat, swimming or even a simple bath. When water is involved, I’m zen.  

What do you believe will be the biggest challenge for the next generation of women?  

We really should see the challenge as an opportunity. There is increasing space in leadership for women who use their feminine skills to lead.  Without generalizing – I truly believe women’s tuned in and sensitive leadership skills can only continue to strengthen teams and get things done into the future.  

Do you think it is important for women to challenge one another? How do you challenge other women around you?  

Women can be quite harsh on themselves and each other so I believe the right mix is to challenge each other on a level – regardless of gender, age, seniority, or anything else. But first I encourage people to challenge themselves by listening to their own voice – you know yourself best! 

What is one of the best pieces of advice you’ve received in your career 

You only regret things you did not do, so take a chance and jump!