To help F&B brands navigate the complexities of trust and to help deepen relationships with the people that matter most, we have created Eat. Drink. Trust. Fielded in 13-markets, including The Netherlands this spring / summer and informed by traditional and social media analysis, the report explores the following questions:


  • How is trust faring in the F&B industry?
  • How are people engaging across different categories?
  • What are the best ways to navigate key tensions in the F&B industry?
  • What can companies do to build trust?

Interestingly overall, the data for the Netherlands is by and large in line with the global report with minor differences, and one call out worth noting: Generally, there is lower trust in the Netherlands across the board. This is except for Individual Farmers and Fishers, with a trust level very close to the global average; and for sit-down chain restaurants, which actually have higher trust than globally.

Dutch consumers are also aligned in terms of what they expect from F&B companies: “Doing good for society – especially as we look at the big issues.” They are also aligned on the top 2 issues: food waste and food access (even though the order is #1 food access and #2 food waste).


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