Vani Pillay


Behavioural Research & Insights Analyst (DxI)



When did you first get into your hobby and what do you love about it?

I have been singing for as long as I can remember! But I officially began with singing lessons (opera, jazz, and musical theatre) from the age of 7 until 18. I love singing because it is an incredible form of self-expression.

What’s the best / craziest experience you’ve had when enjoying your hobby?

I have had a number of great experiences, but I must say being selected for a special concert of best musicians in the province back in South Africa, or performing at my BSc graduation ceremony.

What does it bring to your work / life balance?

Any sort of creative outlet helps immensely with maintaining a good work/life balance. Singing can also be physically challenging and is a great way to work through any stress or discomfort you have experienced during the day.

What do the skills you’ve learned in your hobby bring to your role / work?

As a research analyst, I frequently have to  “translate” my findings to be understood by a wide range of people in different fields. Performing in front of people for my whole life has really helped my presentation skills and I can communicate quite well in a clear voice. Being in a band has also helped me develop the skills I needed to work well in a team.