HP Elite Dragonfly: 'Lighter Than Air'


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Launching their most innovative laptop ever, HP did not want to go for the traditional launching route. How to demonstrate the world that a laptop is phenomenally light? We challenged world champion free running Bart van der Linden to show us. 

The Challenge

HP Netherlands launched their newest and lightest ever business laptop convertible, the HP Elite Dragonfly. Launching in a highly competitive and crowded market, the challenge was to obtain media interest and make the product standout for tech-savvy audiences. Edelman Amsterdam was asked to showcase the unique selling points of the device through product reviews and earned and social media.  


We did not take the traditional route, we decided to show the media some action. We put the Elite Dragonfly in the hands of a professional who did not want to carry the weight of a laptop: world champion free-runner Bart van der Linden. 

The Strategy

Our target audience were ‘cool and young professionals who are always on-the-go’. 


Instead of pitching the product to tech-journalists through a press release, we decided to display the product’s weightlessness in action, giving journalists a product-lead-in they wouldn’t want to ignore. 


Our strategy and approach spoke the same language as our target audience. A high-end action film was created as Bart van der Linden jumped into action, performing his seamless jumps and tricks over, under, around and holding the device, effortlessly showcasing its weightlessness in a cool and compelling way. 

The video was published by Bart on his own channels, adding to the authenticity of the collaboration and ensuring it reached his audience. 


We also reached out to business and management media to get the attention of fresh, switched-on entrepreneurial businesspeople, who would love to have the latest, lightest device supporting them with their goals on-the-go. 

The Execution

The film was designed to spark journalists’ interest, captivating them to learn more and ultimately review the device. It would simultaneously be used to engage HP’s brand audience directly on their social channels. The campaign was to be leveraged across earned, owned, and paid media to reach target audiences.  


First, we enlisted world champion free-runner Bart van der Linden to help with the campaign. Bart van der Linden has world-wide acclaim and a large and relevant target social following, making him the perfect candidate for the campaign. The film was shot in only two days, at a raw location that would echo the edgy, futuristic feel of the new product and match Bart’s vibe. Social guidelines were created for Bart to make his posts in line with the HP brand, and a media alert was created to promote the video. 


Also, an event for business and tech journalists was organised, to view the laptop and hold it for themselves, giving them first-hand experience of its phenomenal lightless.  

The Outcome

The campaign surpassed the set KPIs of 5-6 media pieces. The campaign resulted in coverage across 14 earned media publications in business and technology media and 1 paid article in a key channel outlet, representing a massive 17.864.000 print and online readership. 


The video was viewed over 6,000 times on Bart's social channels and two social media posts reached over 160.000 followers.   


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