What does a typical day in the life of an Account Executive in the Edelman Data & Intelligence (DXI) team look like? 
At Edelman Data & Intelligence (DXI), we work on global, multidisciplinary research and provide our clients with consultancy based on analytics and data with a focus on human behavior. I like to see what I do as solving puzzles. Next to that, every day is different due to the wide variety of (well-known) clients I work on. They face a broad range of challenges – so there’s a great opportunity to provide information and insights based on data so our strategy colleagues can then help map out their marketing/communication strategies.

What three skills do you think are essential to fulfil your role? 
Analytical skills, flexibility, time management and most importantly remaining curious. Always!  

What do you like best about working at Edelman? 
Working alongside my exceptionally talented colleagues and team members. Everyday, I’m learning from the best and simultaneously helping lots of different clients with their challenges. What’s not to like?!  

What are some of the challenges you face in your day-to-day role? 
The diversity in clients is a big pro, however it brings some challenges with it as well. Multiple projects require your focus, timelines don’t always go to plan and the chance of a client in crisis quietly lying in wait is always dangling over you. For example, one moment you are working on a fashion client and the next a client in a totally different space needs your attention. And when such a crisis comes along, you have to switch immediately and find ways of juggling your other projects too. It can be challenging but at least I am never bored!

Describe your working week using 3 emojis 

What’s been your most memorable moment at Edelman so far? 
I started working for Edelman in January 2020, and due to COVID-19 (obviously) the total number of days I have got to spend in the office are limited. Therefore, my rare days in the office are my most memorable moments at Edelman so far. I love the way we work together as a team, day in – day out. The combination of the office dynamics and my colleagues make the job for me! I cannot wait to be back in the office to share stories and celebrate great work in person. In addition, I am still waiting for my first real life ‘borrel’, because if I am to believe the stories, they are supposed to be GOOD.

What’s your favourite part of a working day?
Our Monday and Friday morning team-meetings. It’s a great way to start and wrap up the week. In my eyes, the perfect balance of sharing work and life related topics.

How do you stay motivated? 
The amazing projects and enthusiastic reactions of our clients after presenting the end results of projects. Once you have seen how happy clients are after you helped them with their challenges, you keep striving for similar reactions which are reflected in the work we deliver.

What’s your top tip for working from home?
Keep your rhythm, arrange a good work set up at home, get enough fresh air, make sure there is a clear distinction between work and life and try to focus on the positives. Also, create your own little dots on the horizon or milestones during these uncertain times, it will keep you going and makes it easier to reach your goals.

Did anything surprise you when you joined Edelman? 
The openness of colleagues and willingness to help each other out.

Finally, how do you see your career path developing in the future?
Growing in Data and Intelligence as a research analyst or behavioral strategist. The more clients seem to recognize that behavioral insights are needed to make their strategies increasingly relevant and purposeful, the more opportunities we have to grow from a business and personal perspective. Next to that, I would like to pursue my career while living in different countries to see and learn even more from the world. But above all, I hope to keep using my behavioral change knowledge for the good.