Designing a future proof brand

Lovinklaan Foundation

Brand Marketing | Social Impact & Sustainability

Stiching Lovinklaan is the largest shareholder of Arcadis, a leading global design and consultancy organization in the field of natural and built environments. The foundation uses the dividend it receives on its shares to finance development opportunities for Arcadis employees around the world. However, the employees were not aware of the benefits that Lovinklaan offers them and did not make optimal use of the many available programs. This needed to change.

The Challenge

Edelman was asked to redesign the entire brand identity and launch it around the 35th anniversary of the Lovinklaan Foundation. This meant more than a new logo: it had to bring together the many elements of the foundation, both textually and visually, both online and offline. In addition, the big challenge was that Lovinklaan is primarily known for its individual programs, rather than as an umbrella brand in itself. The new brand identity had to be flexible enough to allow the existing programs to retain their own identity, but strong enough to create an overarching coherent identity.

The strategy

We started the rebranding process with a thorough analysis, a global survey of leaders in the organization. Edelman also worked closely with Lovinklaan to refine and reformulate its mission and vision. This developed knowledge was used efficiently and as a basis to build the new brand identity. A second 'Deep-Dive' session with the customer ensured that the renewed brand would get the right look-and-feel. The visual rebranding is an important milestone that matches the desired future image.

Edelman created an unambiguous look and feel to help employees recognize the different Lovinklaan programs. The end result includes logos and corporate identity elements for the umbrella foundation and the various employee programs, and enables the foundation to join forces and position itself as an integrated whole in the future. Subsequently, Edelman was responsible during the implementation phase for the smooth running of the process and the launch of a worldwide rebrand campaign to land the renewed brand in the organization.

The Outcome

The renewed brand identity was launched to 27,000 Arcadis employees in 70 countries around the world during the 35th anniversary. With this campaign - including an offline activation, a company video, a global newsletter and a social media activation - we increased awareness and involvement with the foundation and indirectly contributed to a more positive image of the Lovinklaan Foundation among Arcadis employees.