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Society is fighting a war for talent: the continued need for talented technical employees in the Netherlands. As a country that is home to many multinationals and leading knowledge organisations, the Netherlands can play an important role in the global economy. What could Edelman do for a corporate client in this fight for talent?

The Challenge

In virtually all sectors there is a serious need for people with technical qualifications, and nowhere is this more true than in the energy sector as we transition to a more diverse energy mix. Stimulating technical education is not only essential to maintain and increase the competitive economic position of the Netherlands and the long-term pipeline of technical employees for Shell and its partners, it also serves a public purpose.

The Strategy

We helped Shell introduce a multi-year engagement programme to inspire and empowers youngsters, students and entrepreneurs about education, innovation and entrepreneurship. In the programme the attendees get the possibility to explore and use their potential as they play their part in building the Netherlands of tomorrow. Generation Discover is the umbrella of all of Shell’s current and future initiatives to engage different audiences to become more focused on technology and innovation and their role for the future of the Netherlands. This includes an annual Generation Discover Festival and the start of a national programme in 2017. Together with partners Shell is building a community of innovators and problem solvers, we call them: Generation Discover. To create awareness and drive excitement about this initiative amongst all identified target audiences, we worked on a tailored media outreach and set up an onsite social media newsroom during the Generation Discover Festival. We will continue our efforts to spread the word over the course of the national programme.


publications in media

2.3 million

Twitter impressions


message accuracy

The Outcome

The integrated media strategy achieved visibility in top tier media with nearly all major national dailies covering the topic. Coverage appeared across the broad spectrum of the media landscape on TV and in radio items, in print publications and online, amongst others via vlogs from relevant influencers and there was a buzz on social media. We generated a total reach of over 100 million impressions through 300+ publications in traditional and online media with a 98% message accuracy. Our always-on, real-time social media newsroom efforts resulted in 2,3 million impressions on Twitter, 2,5 million impressions on Facebook and 2 million impressions on Instagram.